The Ingeniería de Organización y Logística Research Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid researches in different areas related to Operations Research and Logistics.

The Ingeniería de Organización y Logistics Research Group (IOL) was founded in 2005. IOL Research Group became a recognized research group of the UPM in 2005. However, the group has a long history of research, development, innovation and transfer of research results in the Industrial Engineering area. In fact, members of this research group were founders of the CEL (Spanish Logistics Center), in the 1970s.

Our methods and approaches have been forerunners of the current concept of logistics in organizations.

These are our research lines:



Álvaro García Sánchez
Álvaro García Sánchez
Temporaly at baobab soluciones
Miguel Gutiérrez
Miguel Gutiérrez


Álvaro Herráiz Solla Á
Álvaro Herráiz Solla


Irene Gómez Sánchez
Irene Gómez Sánchez
Marta Mañá Sánchez
Marta Mañá Sánchez
Javier Soto Pérez-Olivares J
Javier Soto Pérez-Olivares


Tamara Borreguero Scheduling and Line Balancing advisor at Airbus


Raúl Pulido Ph.D., 2015. Now at Repsol (Spain).
Jing Shao Ph.D., 2016. Now at Northwestern Polytechnical University (China).
Ahmed Sayem Ph.D., 2018. Now at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (Bangladesh).


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